I’m sure everyone reading these words has at least once been stuck in that frustrating situation when you have a good friend’s Birth Day coming up and ..after so many years of friendship and Birthdays… you just feel like all the good presents you’ve already bought… Or worse… your friend has it all, you need to be original and rather more creative.

Sure sometimes that friend’s just you needing some cheerful sip of rainbow to color your day.

Don’t panic. Just think. That friend has a pet, or favorite cartoon character, for sure. Or would she mind carrying a small mini micro monkey as a charm in the Chinese Red Fire Monkey year…to bring her luck and prosperity? Or just for fun? She’d love to.

Get original, get a tiny version of what they’re into. Make a miniature present.
Or make an extraordinary addition to a conventional present.
Here you can get a glimpse of some of my favorite miniatures made on custom order. All they were born of is a picture I was sent by the customer, tones of positive attitude and my love towards art and miniatures.






If you would like to order yourself, send me a photo (high-res preferably) and a description throwing some light on details such as size and terms.
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