* Each Miniature Pet is entirely handmade with attention to the detail to capture the uniqueness of your own pet.
This is unique gift for every pet owner and for every occasion.

* Each miniature pet is made from cotton threads, without using any plastic or metal parts.

* I will need about a week to make your tiny little friend. And the shipping it could take up to 22 business days - most often about 14 business days.
There are many challenging steps in making something so small, detailed and with unique features at the same time. I will send you email updates throughout the process. 

What's the Price?
The price varies from $40 to $120 depending on the pet. 
Each dog, cat, bird or any other pet is different and it takes different amount of work to be made. For example long haired dog with different colors is much more difficult from short haired dog with one color. 
Feel free to send me a photo of your pet and I will reply with price in 24 hours.

How long does it take to be made and delivered? 
The shipping it could take up to 22 business days, but 14 business days is average. 
I'll need about a week to make your pet. Yes, it's tiny but it is really time consuming process to capture the unique character of each pet.
I always ship with registered priority mail and you will receive tracking number for your order. I will send you email updates so you will know what is going on with your order during that time.

Which pets can you make in miniature? Are there pets you cannot make?
I can make almost every kind of animal. From dogs and cats to parrots and farm animals. 
Sometimes there might be a really complicated fur pattern, but if it is something I'm not comfortable to make I will let you know after I see your picture.

You would like to send custom miniature pet as a gift?
Congratulations! Your gift will be really unique!
I could even send it directly to the person you want to surprise. Just send me a message with your wish or note and I will include suitable card for the occasion.

How are all these miniature pets made? 
I made all of them with lots of love and attention, without using any patterns. I use only your picture and my magic hook :)

How tiny are these miniature pets?
These pets are one of the smallest custom made pets in the world. Their sizes start from 15 mm / 0.6 inches.
I can make them in your preferred size. We will discuss this when you decide to order after sending the photo of your pet.

What my Customers say:

“ Cute little yorkie looks just like the real thing in such tiny detail. Such an amazing miniature!. Highly recommended. Thank you.”

“ Are you a fan of tiny and exquisite? ME TOO! This little rabbit is adorable and so beautifully made. There is not an extra stitch, but she is complete in every detail. Her expression is adorable. She will never fail to cheer you up when you look at her.”
“ This is an absolute work of art. He is so tiny, but so detailed. If you have someone who has everything, but you want to get a unique gift, contact Anna! You cannot go wrong! I love my moose. Thanks Anna! ”
“ Absolutely adorable and beautifully made. It is exactly as pictured and described. The attention to detail is amazing, and it is obvious that this Seller has a real passion and love for her craft. I am so pleased with this purchase, and I'm sure my sister will love it as much as I do. I will definitely order from this lovely Seller again.”

You have additional questions?
Feel free to Contact Me at any time. I'm trying to reply as soon as I can no longer than 24 hours.